Tips for Good and Effective Reading

Reading is an activity through which a lot of knowledge is easily acquired. Great doctors, teachers, lecturers and even pastors did not become what they are overnight. They have acquired this knowledge from many books. Well, you too, whether you have a passion for reading or not, can easily, quickly and effectively read a book in its entirety. All you have to do is apply these tips.

Read Regularly

This tip is the most crucial one. You cannot pick up a book and read with speed and better understanding if you do not take a liking to it. So, reading regularly will allow you to be faster and be able to debrief the text.
Moreover, reading regularly and attentively is a way for those who do not like reading to learn to read. This is a very effective way of avoiding boring reading. As a practical exercise, you can decide to read for about 5 to 10 minutes a day. This is enough to get you started. On the other hand, make sure that your reading is on a theme that you like, a literary genre that you like more than the others. If you like plays, for example, read a play every day.

Growing in Vocabulary

For some people, before they can open a book and start reading, they need to have a dictionary next to them. But to top it off, they use the dictionary on every page. You can already imagine how much time they will waste. It is therefore important to have a rich and varied vocabulary so that they can quickly understand the meaning of complicated words, so that they can quickly grasp the meaning of sentences. But how can you have a rich vocabulary?
There is no magic to it. You can only build up your vocabulary if you vary your reading. This will expose you to new words.

Other tips for effective reading

Don't try to read the whole book in a day, if it's for a start;
Stick to the core of the subject developed in the book;
Limits reading time;
Treat reading time as an appointment.