Everything You Need for a Successful Art Exhibition

Whether you are an art lover, an art exhibition expert or not, organising an art exhibition is a unique and rewarding experience. To make your art exhibition successful, it is always best to have a plan after choosing an interesting theme. Here are 5 well-detailed steps to follow to help you make your art exhibition successful.

1. Choose a theme

An art exhibition usually revolves around a single, dynamic theme. This theme ties all the different works together, as each artist interpret the theme as they see fit. You need to choose a theme that is flexible enough to give each artist the freedom to express themselves, but also structured enough to create a coherent collection of works.

2. Present the gallery by selecting a more impressive task

When approaching a gallery, you should have a written explanation of the concept behind your exhibition, as well as at least 12 images to accompany the written report.
In this written report, you should tell the gallery:
- The look, theme and aesthetic of the exhibition.
- The minimum size of the wall/floor you need for the exhibition
- When the exhibition will be available.
- How the exhibition will be mounted. What materials will be used and are there any health and safety factors to consider.

3. Write a press release

You will need to advertise the exhibition and get as many mentions as possible in the local press. The easiest way to do this is to send out a press release.

4. Set a time and date to install the artwork

As the pieces arrive at the gallery, it will be your job to oversee their installation. Look for unusual juxtapositions in the arrangement. Aim to surprise, stimulate and delight your viewer.
Always ask the artists for their ideas on installations and placement. Give the artist’s time to check that their work is properly installed.

5. Secure a venue to hold your opening

An opening event is a great way to generate interest in your group exhibition. Involve all the artists to bring their peers, invite press and important art world figures, have music, drinks and nibbles
organising an art exhibition can be a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding and a great way to gain experience working with galleries.